H u r d y   G u r d y

Mary has always loved the hurdy gurdy: not only is it a traditional folk instrument of southern France (which represents her mother's roots) but it is also an older instrument whose repertoire mostly pre-dates the 1800s. Furthermore, it is a drone instrument related in sound to the bagpipes. It is no small wonder that, in this unique instrument, Mary integrates three of her deepest passions: Scottish folk music, French folk music, and early music.

Becoming a great musician or artist is a life-long adventure. Persevering through such a task requires a certain perspective: that of being a life-long learner.

In the spirit of a perpetual learner, Mary began lessons on hurdy gurdy with Richard Taylor in May, 2018. Her goals are: to memorize and perform traditional European folk music in the performance style appropriate to the region's traditions, and to write and practice her own tunes to perform and make recordings. Mary plays a 1987 Boudet.

Hear some original tunes:

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