Piano Lessons

Grow as a pianist, a musician, and an artist

Piano Keys

30 minute lessons

Half hour lessons are recommended for young students (5-9) and beginners. In our lessons we will work on acquiring basic technique, such as five finger patterns, scales, chords, and intervals. We will also work on learning pieces, and memorising them for performances.

Lesson cost: $35

Piano Note

45 minute lessons

45 minute lessons are recommended for intermediate players, or students with at least 2-3 years experience taking piano lessons. We continue to build on techniques, learning more complex scales, chord progressions, ear training and theory. Repertoire is also more advanced and demanding. 

Lesson cost: $50

Piano on Dim Stage

60 minute lessons

60 minute lessons are recommended for advanced students who have at least 5-6 years of piano lessons experience, and have developed a sound technique and display serious interest in further study. At this level, much time is spent working on interpretative and artistic decisions at the instrument. 

Lesson cost: $75