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Bard and Ceilidh Ensemble

Bard and Ceilidh plays both traditional and new folk tunes, and includes a fun range of instruments: violin, hurdy gurdy, hammered dulcimer, and piano, all played by Mary Vanhoozer. Mary believes live music has the power to create meaningful places, in what can otherwise be a fragmented society. To that end, Bard and Ceilidh recreates a live and sponateous atmosphere in recordings. Mary remains committed to writing and sharing tunes to help foster community and create space to recognize beauty in the every day.

Bard and Ceilidh is preparing to release its second album fall 2020, which will feature special appearances by guest artists Robert Nicholson on cello and Laudon Schuett on lute.

Bard and Ceilidh has received favorable reception and their tunes have been broadcast in the UK on National FM radio. 

Pear Tree and Partridge

Laura Hairgrove Randall and Mary Vanhoozer are Renaissance women who love to make music, engage in rich conversation, and share the gift of beauty in the everyday through a variety of creative outlets. Their shared passion have led them to Pear Tree and Partridge


More than simply a music duo, their musical and creative collaboration also represent a way of living.


Pear Tree and Partridge is committed to crafting live music with skill, dedication, and creativity with the aim to create excellent music for the joy, enrichment, and good of their local communities. In addition to concerts, Pear Tree and Partridge also shares blogs, poetry, recipes, and pictures on their website, creating a virtual space for artistic reflection and personal rejuvenation.

© 2020 by Mary Vanhoozer

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