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Bard and Ceilidh 

Two part album of original music

Coming up with tunes has been one of Mary's favorite pastimes, since the time she was five years old. In more recent years, 'messing about with notes' has become a significant source of spiritual refreshment, an outlet for creative play, and just good old fun!

Unlike her first album, Songs of Day and Night, this album will also feature special guests Laura Hairgrove Randall on renaissance flute, Robert Nicholson on cello, and Laudon Schuett on lute. Mary will also play on the newest addition to her instrument family: the hurdy gurdy. 

In the United States, not everyone is familiar with the word, 'ceilidh.' It is a Scottish term, which essentially refers to a social gathering and most often is associated with music making, dancing, and singing. Where as Songs of Day and Night only featured songs, this album will also include instrumentals, reminiscent of the Scottish ceilidhs Mary used to attend while living in Scotland. 


The album's digital release will happen in two parts: the first 8 tracks (vol. 1) will be released this fall (2019) while the last 8 tracks will come out in the summer of 2020.

Pear Tree and Partridge

Laura Hairgrove Randall and Mary Vanhoozer are Renaissance women who love to make music, engage in rich conversation, and share the gift of beauty in the everyday through a variety of creative outlets. Their shared passion have led them to Pear Tree and Partridge


More than simply a music duo, their musical and creative collaboration also represent a way of living.


Pear Tree and Partridge is committed to crafting live music with skill, dedication, and creativity with the aim to create excellent music for the joy, enrichment, and good of their local communities. In addition to concerts, Pear Tree and Partridge also shares blogs, poetry, recipes, and pictures on their website, creating a virtual space for artistic reflection and personal rejuvenation.

From Leipzig to LA (2018)

From Leipzig to LA is Mary's debut solo piano album, which includes the complete keyboard partitas of J. S. Bach as well as Partita Picosa, a newly commissioned work by composer Josh Rodriguez. 


As an avid lover of Early and Baroque music, Mary studied performance practice techniques with renowned lute performer and scholar Paul O’Dette at the Eastman School of Music. These classes gave her deeper insight into the music of J. S. Bach. Her post-graduate work has included learning and recording the complete Bach partitas for keyboard.


From Leipzig to LA, also includes a new commission composed by Josh Rodriguez. Partita Picosa includes older dance forms as well as rhythms and dance forms of contemporary significance. The project as a whole both acknowledges the rich tradition and heritage of classical music as well as welcomes fresh and contemporary perspectives. The album is available for purchase on Amazon, in addition to individual tracks.

Songs of Day and Night (2015)

An avid improvisor and song writer, Mary has continued to pursue this fun and creative side of music making. In 2015, she released Songs of Day and Night, an album of original songs based on the poetry of Christina Rossetti, Eugene Field, Robert Louis Stevenson, Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson.

"The album draws on the genre of folk music, which, with its tendency to dwell upon the virtues, traditions and comforts of the natural world, serves as an ideal vessel for these musical meditations... One has the feeling that, for years to come, the work of Mary Vanhoozer has the promise to provide many more such treasures."

Kimberley Jane Anderson, review from Transpositions

This song collection represents Mary's diverse musical range. Her choice of instruments (Scottish fiddle, mandolin, djembe, and hammered dulcimer) reveals her continued passion for folk music while the melodies themselves show an influence of early French and Spanish music. 

© 2019 by Mary Vanhoozer

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