Angelus ad Virginem

For the first part of this track, I arranged a plaintchant from the 13th century for two fiddles and hurdy gurdy; traditionally it would have been sung over a drone. The second part of the track features a later setting for three voices, from about the mid 14th century. 

00:00 / 03:40

"Hail! Hail, Queen of Virgins! You shall conceive the Lord of Heaven and Earth and give birth, remaining a virgin, to the Salvation of mankind; you, made the Gateway of Heaven, the cure for sin."

"How shall I conceive, since I know not a man? How shall I break what I have resolutely vowed?"

"The grace of the Holy Spirit shall perform all this. Fear not, but rejoice, confident that chastity will remain pure in you by the power of God."

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