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Partita Project

Mary is an avid lover of Early and Baroque music. Her studies with renowned lute performer and scholar Paul O’Dette, as well as her continued studies post-graduation, have given her insight into the keyboard music of J. S. Bach. This year, she is recording all six keyboard partitas, and will release the 2-CD set in celebration of the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation. In addition, Mary has commissioned Josh Rodriguez to compose a partita, which will include older dance forms as well as rhythms and dance forms of contemporary significance. The project as a whole will both acknowledge the rich tradition and heritage of classical music as well as welcome fresh and contemporary perspectives. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming CD release! 


"If you are a pianist, I encourage you to seek out a new work of Bach's to practice, reflect upon, enjoy, and share! I invite you to take up this Bach Project along with me!"

Pear Tree and Partridge

Join flutist Laura Randall and pianist Mary Vanhoozer as they embark on this fresh and creative venture. This duo of renaissance women love to make music, engage in rich conversation, and share the gift of beauty in the everyday through a variety of creative outlets. Their shared passions have led them to Pear Tree and Partridge: more than being simply a music duo, their musical collaboration also represents a way of life. Stay posted for details on upcoming projects and soon-to-arrive website, launching on October 1st!

Previous Projects



 Brahms' Ghost Piano Trio


Mary formed the Brahms' Ghost Trio in 2014. The name “Brahms’ Ghost” gives a nod to influential composers who might have ‘haunted’ Brahms, as well as to composers since Brahms who might feel they work forever in his shadow: Brahms’ Ghost sought to render faithful and engaging performances of classical masterpieces, and gave voice to lesser known works and new commissions. In March 2016, the trio toured California over ten days, performing and teaching at schools and universities. Their concert program included a newly commissioned piece by their composer-in-residence, Josh Rodriguez. The new piece, "That Crazed Girl Improvising," was well received by enthusiastic audiences.









Songs from Engedi


This is Josh and Mary's sophomore album release as Directors of Music at New City Presbyterian Church. Like their first album, 'Songs from Engedi' also features new arrangements to traditional hymn tunes, as well as original songs. In the Old Testament King David fled to the desert of Engedi when King Saul was pursuing him to kill him. The desert represents a place of isolation and struggle in David's life, but it also is an oasis: a place of rest, fortification, and spiritual renewal. These songs similarly reflect both the struggles and joys of the Christian life. 







Rooted and Renewed


Mary and her husband, Josh Rodriguez, became Directors of Music at New City Presbyterian Church, Royal Oak, in 2014. Their musical vision is to represent the Church in time (history) and space (geography): they aim for a liturgy which acknowledges both the Church's rich history as well as its ethnic and cultural variety. In December 2015, they wrote, arranged, and co-produced New City's first album, Rooted and Renewed, which features ethnic percussion, folk and fiddle music, as well as traditional choir and hymn arrangements. They are currently working on a second album to be released December of this year. To hear samples of tracks, visit iTunes or click the following link: 






 Songs of Day and Night


In November, 2015, Mary released "Songs of Day and Night," an album of original songs based on the poetry of Christina Rossetti, Eugene Field, Robert Louis Stevenson, Shakespeare, and Emily Dickinson. This song collection represents Mary's diverse musical range. Her choice of instruments (Scottish fiddle, mandolin, djembe, and hammered dulcimer) reveals her continued passion for folk music while the melodies themselves show an influence of early French and Spanish music. To read more about the album, visit:

To purchase a CD, or to download songs, click on the following link: 








Starving Artists


Mary's passion for making live music in her local community has led her to innovative ideas for drawing musicians together in concert. In 2014 she organized the Starving Artists Chamber Music Series in Westwood, CA. This series was designed to create a professional performance venue for recent music graduates seeking to share their talent. Members performed solo as well as chamber music at the Westwood Hills Christian Church, with all proceeds from the concert going to charity. 







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